Toe River Arts | Other Media

John D. Richards
Yummy Mud Puddle

264 Clear View Lane
Burnsville,  North Carolina 28714
828.682.6567 / 828.284.5880
Open Daily. Please Call Ahead



I work in many media. I draw in pencil, ink and markers. I paint in oils, enamels, acrylics and lacquer. I make wire sculptures and lamps by covering armatures with layers of tissue paper and glue.
I create jewelry with brass wire and glass beads. Other jewelry is made of sheet metal with added parts in epoxy glue.
I make plaster castings using rubber molds taken from my clay originals. I also make sand castings. And finally, I make art using recycled materials: bottle caps, can lids, spark plugs, chipboards, marbles, game parts, corks and who knows what? Enjoy!

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