Toe River Arts | Roadside sign

Toe River Arts | Roadside Sign

Toe River Arts | Roadside Sign

Toe River Arts | Storefront signage

Toe River Arts | Storefront signage

Toe River Arts | Town Gateway

Toe River Arts | Trailblazer

Toe River Arts | Landmark Locator


Information Hubs at six locations around the Mitchell/Yancey region will give visitors a starting point for the journey. These are preliminarily slated to be installed by year’s end for both Toe River Arts Council Galleries [Spruce Pine and Burnsville], Mica Gallery [Bakersville], the Penland Gallery [Penland], and at the Museum of North Carolina Minerals and Welcome Center [Spruce Pine]. Visitors will be able to access this website to learn about artist studios and venues, experiences, lodgings, and eateries

Proposed Cluster Sign Design


Permanent studio signs will help visitors quickly identify a Toe River Arts individual artist studio. These will be especially helpful on back roads where studios are hidden from view or serve as a residence. The first batch is installed and indicating individual studios. A second “wave” is slated for the beginning of 2018.

Cluster signs will give a general direction to a group of studios and other cultural assets.

“Branding the environment” with the colors of the Toe River Arts logo will let visitors know that they are still in the region and help folks with directions [“Turn left at the barn with the painted roof.”]

Driving around the two counties, you’ll notice these permanent signs. They (both with and without the name blade) indicate that an artist has her/his studio on that property and that they support this growing area of the arts.

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